Kitchen Designs

I've designed a wide variety of kitchens and bathrooms for various housetypes and budgets. Below is a good selection of the various rendered files presented to the customers before production of their kitchen started.

Walnut galley kitchen
Midsized kitchen with breakfast bar area
Concept kitchen built around a central pillar
Pure white kitchen with blue LED lighting
Hand drawn 3D kitchen
Cream kitchen with tall bank of units
Breakfast bar work area kitchen
Concept kitchen built around a central pillar
Small kitchen for 1 bedroom flat
Bathroom concept
Black and green cooking area
Mix and match colour kitchen units
Contrasting white and black kitchen with oak carcass
Large breakfast bar kitchen with tall bank of units
Large kitchen design with projecting hob area

University Projects

My 3 year course in BA Product Design with Animation enabled me to persue various projects, below are various projects with 3D models produced in 3D Studio Max, Alias, Solidworks and Photoshop.

Sorono speaker design
Sorono speaker model
Accido barbeque
CPU holder presentation board
CPU holder presentation board
Fire surround presentation board
Fire surround presentation board
Fire surround exploded view
Fire surround GA drawing
Kettle project
Kettle project
Rake glove
Rake glove


A selection of my various art projects using a variety of media. Pen, pencil, paint, and batik fabric works are shown below.

Lino printed faces
Lino printing
Lino print of an eye
Pencil sketch of a heart
Pencil space pilot
Pencil sketch robot
Pen sketch robot
Pencil sketch robot
Batique cloth of an eye
Pen sketch of a robot
Shaded pen robot sketch


Hand drawn products and sketches in marker pen, pencil and ink pen

Vacuum in marker pens
Barbecue in marker pen
Car in marker pen
Heart in pencil
Space pilot in pencil
Shavers in marker pen
Barbecue in marker pen
Candle in marker pen
Kitchen design in marker pen

Studio Photography

Product photography with 360° image rotations, detail and full product shots of composite doors, uPVC doors and windows

Bathroom with open door
Lounge internal French doors
Understairs oak door
Oak banister landing door
En-suite oak door
Bedroom oah en-suite door
Modern kitchen with French glazed doors
Oak glazed bedroom door
French clear glazed oak doors

Interior Photography

Freelance interior photography of internal doors

Composite door range
interior shot of chartwell green composite door
Stack of sash window colours
Bi-folding door closed
Bi-folding door part open
Bi-folding doors fully open
UPVC gold brass handle
360° door rotation
Bi-folding doors fully open

Experimental Photography

Capturing and experimenting with images using various techniques and post processing has been something I've enjoyed for many years

HDR Image of a church
HDR Image of an plane wing
Long exposure in a warehouse
Lightpainting dinosaur
Parasol Stock Photo
Lightpainting angel
Giant Redwood
Macro eye
Macro Grass
Macro flower

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